About me...

I have been catching moles for about 30 years now; I was taught by a young 80-year-old shepherd Ernest Mattinson, at Irton House Farm www.irtonhousefarm.co.uk in the Lake District.

I took over moling duties on the farm when Ernest decided to hang up his crook and retire. The farm is pasture land of 380+ acres, with lots of hedges and woodland which Mister Mole loves to live in, and expand out from…and I have to winkle him out!

In September 2009, I attend a course organised by British Traditional Molecatchers Register, of which I am now a member. I am also a member of the Guild of British Molecatchers. In March 2020 I attended a UK Rural Skills Traditional Mole Control course and following on from this I am working towards the 'Master Molecatcher' certification. 

I would just like to say that despite catching many, many moles I have the greatest respect for the “little gentleman in the velvet jacket”. He is an industrious little creature and if we humans could shift as much earth with our bare hands as he can, then I dare say the likes of JCB’s and other diggers wouldn’t sell half as well as they do! I try and catch all moles as humanely as possible, minimising unnecessary suffering and using recognised trapping methods and equipment, upholding the highest possible standards of animal welfare.